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My objective is to make women feel incredible, beautiful, powerful and unique. I believe in jewelry as an agent of personality that helps us express ourselves. One of the reasons I became a metalsmith was because it was almost impossible to find jewelry that allowed me to communicate. That is why I design for women seeking originality and versatility through jewelry that can be used every day and show how unique, elegant and powerful they are.

I have spent my entire life surrounded by the most beautiful flora and fauna. Costa Rica contains 6% of the world's biodiversity despite the fact that it only represents 0.03% of the earth's surface. Inspiration is everywhere! Taking advantage of natural shapes, stones and metals, I interpret Costa Rica's nature in classic, versatile, and elegant handmade jewelry.

My passion for jewelry began at the age of two. At that time I already had a jewelry box full of necklaces in different shapes and colors. When I was in elementary school, I started creating my own jewelry with beads and elastic threads that my mother bought me. From that point on, my first selling points emerged: school and my mother's work.

Eventually, I decided to receive metalsmithing classes and at that moment my life changed. During my university career, jewelry was always present, so much so that when I graduated I already knew that Ximena Esquivel Jewelry was going to be my next adventure. We started with fairs that allowed us to position the brand and months later it was possible to find our pieces in renowned selling points. In our third year, after a lot of effort, we proudly opened our store in Plaza Tempo, Escazú. Currently, the project continues to grow and all this has been thanks to the support from all of you. Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my dream.


Our mission is to create original and versatile pieces that are a means of expression to make women feel spectacular, strong and unique.


Our product are elegant and versatile jewelry inspired by the nature of Costa Rica. The pieces are made with silver using stones from around the world. Each jewel's goal is to become an important piece of the closet.


Costa Rica's nature is the jewelry's design and inspiration since it interprets the trees, branches, flowers, leaves and textures that surround us. The texture is very characteristic of nature as well as in the brand.