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-Ximena Esquivel-

Ximena Esquivel has college degree in advertising and has been interested in jewelry and its creation since a young age.

11 July 2019
  Whenever I buy stones and shells, I like them to stand out on their own. I'm looking for something that catches the attention: it may be it's brightness, texture, color, or in the case of Mother Pearl, her pearly iridescent. The Mother Pearl, also known as the "mom of...
6 July 2019
Last week we went on tour to visit the points of sale of Ximena Esquivel Jewelry in Guanacaste. Although the tour is really exhausting because we travel more than 1000kms in a week I love doing it. I like to do it because it allows me to meet and train wonderful people who tell tourists the story...
Jardin del taller de joyería
2 July 2019
The inspiration of the designs of Ximena Esquivel Jewelry comes from nature and being the workshop the creation space of our pieces of jewelry we could not stop dreaming of a garden that inspired us to continue creating. When we moved to the new workshop our garden was very small, however, with time the...
Ring size
27 August 2018
How can I know my ring size? It’s possibly one of the questions I am asked the most.   I want to start by telling you that all of our fingers have different ring sizes and that the ring number does not have to do with our physique. Just as I have seen very thin people with large ring sizes, I have...
7 August 2018
  It’s been almost a year since we started the project and we couldn’t be happier to be launching the website.  We wanted our website to be very easy to use and to reflect the essence of Ximena Esquivel Jewelry and we knew it was going to be a lot of work. It all started in 2017 with a...